Victim's Daugher Remembers Crash On Anniversary

Posted at 8:24 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 22:49:09-05

Family member of 1995 Nashville plane crash victims recalled the day that changed her life forever.

Twenty years ago a Navy  F-14 fighter fell from the sky and into a Nashville neighborhood Killing 5 people including the two pilots.

The victims on the ground lived on Luna Drive, their house was nearly pulverized.

Angie Newsom said her dad, Elmer Newsom, 66 was sitting on his recliner, her mother Ada, 63 was in her bedroom and a friend who was visiting was standing next to Elmer when the plane crashed.

"It is so vividly etched into my memory that it seems like it was a week or two ago that this plane crashed and all that chaos happened," said Angie Newsom, who was 46 when the crash happened.

She said around 10 in the morning she heard an explosion and felt the ground move, which was followed by phone calls from her friends letting her know a plane had crashed near her parents' home.

A few hours later she found out her parents and their friend had died, as well as the two pilots.  "They said it was pilot error, they found no fault with the aircraft," said Newsom.

As a result of the crash, there was a congressional hearing, in which Newsom testified and as a result helped change some take off rules and regulations to prevent this type of crash from happening again.

As she thought about that tragic moment in her family's life she said she chooses to remember her parents and share those memories with the many grand children and great-grand children they never got to meet.

She also remembered the many people in the community that helped them get through it all. "So many people were there to help. People brought food. Pastors offered us their churches to gather in. Sam's club let us come there and use their phones and make long distance calls to let people know; so I think the kindness of the people of the neighborhood and the city of Nashville is what I remember most vividly," said Newsom.