Neighbors shocked to find wheels stolen from cars in the Cleveland Park neighborhood

Posted at 3:29 PM, May 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 20:19:12-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Cleveland Park residents are perplexed after wheels were stolen from a couple of neighborhood cars.

At least two residents on Meridian Street have come outside to find their vehicle wheels gone.

"It would be devastating, I would feel real uncomfortable. I wouldn't know if I was targeted, or if it was just a cruel joke." said Kimberly Meneese, who lives in the neighborhood.

In the past month, the victims have posted photos of their cars without wheels on the Cleveland Park Neighbors Association page.

"The car you showed me for them to take that one versus going to take a BMW, or somebody's car down the street? It's just odd. It's like they just wanted those tires, or they were being mean?" Meneese said.

Meneese stopped by to see her neighbor Dorothy Miller on Tuesday.

"I call her 'Mother Miller' often because she's the staple of the neighborhood."

'Mother Miller' feels bad that the theft happened on her street. She told NewsChannel 5, "They just want to be mean, ain't got anything else to do."

Mother Miller also has some advice for the thieves.

"Get in church! Know the Lord, and then they wouldn't have to do all this!"

For 50 years 'Mother Miller' has watched over the neighborhood.

"She sees everything," Meneese told us.

The 2 wheel thefts this month seem bizarre to these long-time residents but they continue to happen nonetheless.

Folks who park on the street should be on alert, and make sure their tires haven't been tampered with lately.

Meneese said, "You know if that lug nut is off. You know if two or more were off anyways because it would not rattle, it would shimmy."

As of now, there are no known suspects.

If you have any information or surveillance video, you can contact Metro Police.