Whiskey lovers celebrate International Tennessee Whiskey Day

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Posted at 9:29 AM, May 22, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Whiskey has a rich history in the state of Tennessee, so much so, that the Tennessee General Assembly has named May 21 as International Tennessee Whiskey Day.

"Tennessee whiskey is all about Tennessee. It's about the process. It's about the charcoal finish and the way the barrels are let down. So it's just a process that Tennesseans are extremely proud of and we're just happy to showcase it here today," said Kim Mitchell, the director of events for the Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

The holiday signifies the day the state allowed the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages once again after prohibition.

To commemorate the day, for the first time more than 30 distilleries gathered at Nissan Stadium to share their whiskeys and other spirits.

"Post prohibition there were only two distilleries in the state that were operating. And then up until, 2009 to 2010, the legislation changed that allowed distilleries to open in some counties. We jumped on that bandwagon and something that we're passionate about is making whiskey," said Carter Collins, the master distiller at Pennington Distilling Co.

People had the chance to taste samples from the best whiskey makers in our state and even take classes on how to make a great old-fashioned.

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail Experience featured dozens of flavors, but organizers said it's not about competition.

"This group of people are like brothers and sisters. They have each other's back and they enjoy each other. No one is trying to undercut anyone. Everyone knows that they're making a great product and they just like to lift each other up," said Mitchell.

No matter what part of the state your whiskey comes from, experts said behind each bottle there is a true appreciation for the process.