Winter storm disrupts busy travel day at Nashville airport

Posted at 3:05 PM, Dec 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-02 12:11:24-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A winter storm in the northeast disrupted a busy travel day at the Nashville airport on Sunday.

Travelers like Sally Story patiently waited to check in to their flights.

Story said, "I don’t fly a whole lot, but it is a little bit busier than I’m used to, but it’s not as much as I was expecting!"

Story was flying to Tyler, Texas with her dog Scout. They were in Nashville visiting Sally's sister. Sally's daughter was trying to fly back to New York which was hit by a winter storm.

Story said, "She keeps checking her phone for cancellations."

Ansley Moore was flying back to college in Boston after spending some time with her family. She noticed the airport was a bit busier than usual following the Thanksgiving holiday, so she came prepared.

"My school emailed me saying we might cancel class on Monday because there’s going to be a big snow storm but we don’t know yet," Moore said, "I really want it to stay on time. I want it to get in nice and easy. I’m also here really early because of lines, and this is a big travel day."

As cancellations popped up across the board, some were left waiting for the winter storm to pass. If you are flying out Monday morning, remember to check your flight status before you go on the airport website.