WM picks up 900 tons of trash after contractor files for bankruptcy

Garbage truck
Posted at 4:06 PM, Mar 07, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — WM was hired by Metro as an emergency contractor when Red River Waste Solutions filed for bankruptcy.

"You can see the relief as we’re driving through when there’s trash cans that are overflowing," Collection Operations Director Donald DeFazio said. "We picked up some additional tonnage obviously these first couple of weeks because some of the things have been behind."

They've already picked up approximately 900 tons of trash. "Our goal is to get things back to normal," DeFazio said.

In two weeks they hit 25,000 homes; On Monday, they started on an additional 25,000. "Our goal is to get everyone on their normal trash day again," DeFazio said. "It’s been a little bit trying for everyone over the past couple of months, they didn’t know when anyone was going to come."

They brought in crews from out-of-state to help pick up trash. They're part of WM's 'Green Team.' They respond to natural disasters like the 2020 tornadoes.

If possible, make sure your trash is bagged tightly so it doesn't spill out everywhere. "It’s a big help," DeFazio said.

WM is picking up 12 daily trash routes during the 120 day emergency contract.

For months, NewsChannel 5 has been hearing from upset residents whose trash was piling up. Now, they're happy to see a garbage truck come down their street. DeFazio said, "and they need to be patient."

Unfortunately, there's not a long-term solution yet because bankruptcy court proceedings are ongoing. Metro's attorney is expected in court regarding the city's contract with Red River on March 8th.

WM is also providing emergency support to the city's multi-family waste services. They're emptying more than 700 dumpsters around the city on a temporary basis according to their news release.