Woman shares how art helped her grieve the loss of her brother

Posted at 4:00 AM, Jan 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-10 07:32:31-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A Nashville native lost her brother in a car accident in 2015 and after years of learning how to grieve through art, she encourages others experiencing loss to take the time to grieve too.

"I heard my aunt say, 'Is he dead' And he as like you know, 'Yes. He got into a major car accident,'" recounted Brittany Grayson.

She said for months she did not mourn the loss of her brother.

"I know parents don't want to see their children hurt. But, from a child's perspective, You don't want to see your mother hurt either," explained Grayson. "So, I didn't want her hurting twice at the loss of my brother and seeing me cry. So I didn't cry for a long time, for about a year."

However, she did start to draw — a creative passion she and her late brother shared.

"And he drew too," said Grayson. "So that is a connection that I have. You know, for other people, I'm not sure who they lost or what their connection is. But finding that connection with the person that you lost is what helped me through my grieving process."

Her drawings on paper soon turned into makeup designs that developed into a business she calls "Beauty Mark" with a new release every month.

Brittany Grayson releases a new makeup art series every month ranging from Zodiac signs to Black History Month which started as grief therapy after loosing her brother in a car accident and turned into a business, 'Beauty Mark.'

"The start to finish process is what I enjoy," explained Grayson. "Even the middle part of not knowing what was to come. I mean, because that's what life is. And it reminds me of that in my painting to trust the process, even if it's painting, if it's life, struggles, work, whatever you have your mind set to do. You trust the process... Basically, find beauty in the pain."

The series range from Zodiac signs and Halloween costumes to holiday designs and Black History Month.

She said it took time but she learned to heal and hopes others will find ways to move forward, too.

"It's okay to cry. Let it go. Not the loss, but that feeling here [in your throat] where you wanna cry and you don't let that go. And in that moment, take that pain and apply it to your passion to yourself, give yourself time, it is OK. Just don't hold it like I did."

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'Beauty Mark' is a mobile face art business that travels to clients.