Woman Thrown Out of Court During Final Day of Vandenburg Trial

Posted at 7:04 PM, Jun 20, 2016

After all the drama during open court in the Vandenburg rape retrial, new details are emerging of an altercation that took place both in and outside the courtroom, involving a courtroom spectator who was thrown out on Saturday.

That woman, Nancy Foster, says she's still trying to understand why it all happened.

Foster said she decided to watch the Vandenburg trial in person both Friday and Saturday after taking care of her own business at the courthouse – something the public is welcome to do.

She says she was taken aback when Vandenburg apparently smiled at her on Friday in the courtroom.

After court that day, Foster says she ran into Vandenburg, his attorneys and his family outside.

She says she started talking with Vandenburg's mother, wanting to say she was sorry for what Vandenburg's younger siblings were going through.

She says after exchanging some words with Vandenburg's attorney, the attorney started saying she was threatening him, so she walked away.

Then Saturday, she came back to watch the closing arguments, when she says Vandenburg smiled at her yet again, and then just seconds later, the court officer asked her to leave.

“He said you have to leave now,” Foster said.  “I said ‘why,’ and he said ‘ma’am you have to leave,’ he grabbed a police officer and they escorted me out.”

NewsChannel 5 contacted the court today to get its side of what happened, and shed some more light on this.
They told us they don't discuss anything that happens in court.

Foster says she feels bad for the victim in this case, but she still wants to know what she did to get herself thrown out.