Off-duty sheriff's deputies stop man from using a gun on Broadway

Posted: 5:55 AM, Dec 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-30 17:36:02-05
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no weapons sign at Honky Tonk Central.PNG

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Police arrested Kevin O'Donnell, 50, of Panama City Beach, Fla., for pulling out a revolver after a security guard at Honky Tonk Central turned him away.

According to court documents, O'Donnell lashed out a security guard after he was not let into the bar at 329 Broadway. First, he tried to rush past the entrance to the bar. Then, he punched the guard in the chest and sprayed pepper spray in his face which knocked him over. Next, he pulled a revolver from his pocket and tried to pull the trigger.

Off-duty sheriff's deputies were able to take the gun from O'Donnell's hands before the gun could go off. Other patrons stepped in to help as well.

O'Donnell was booked early Saturday morning on seven charges including three counts of aggravated assault.

O'Donnell admitted to drinking prior to the incident.