MNPS requests more funding to meet tech needs as remote learning continues

Posted at 6:37 AM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 07:39:49-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Metro Nashville Public Schools teachers are struggling without the technology they need to do their job. Now, the district is asking Metro Council for millions to address those needs as remote learning continues.

At Thursday night’s Metro Council meeting, members learned the school system needs an extra $10 million to address the needs of teachers, including buying laptops, hot spots and updating the virtual curriculum. Council Member Colby Sledge says some teachers don't even have laptops right now.

Metro Schools already received $24 million from the federal coronavirus relief package over the summer. This money should’ve covered 90,000 Dell laptops for students and hotspots for 17,000 families to help with virtual learning.

Many teachers are struggling, and Sledge says it's putting your child's education on the line.

“So, when I asked what happens when the teacher's technology doesn't work, doesn't that mean that no learning happens, regardless of if every student sitting there at home with a shiny new laptop,” Sledge asked. “I can tell you, I have had teachers in the district I represent saying they started the school year, not with a laptop, but with an iPad.”

Metro Schools has already purchased the laptops for teacher but are hoping to get reimbursed. The council didn’t approve this money just yet; however, they plan to discuss it later this month.