Shelter helpers deliver pets to families for Christmas

Posted at 3:57 PM, Dec 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-25 19:33:36-05

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — As Santa made his rounds through Middle Tennessee, volunteers at Williamson County Animal Center helped out by delivering pets to families for Christmas.

Shelter staff have been offering the service for several years now. Tuesday, 11 pets were delivered to children in the county.

"I think we've all had our special gifts, special memories we've had as children," said Penny Adams, Community Outreach Assistant with WCAC. "But that one gift that really made your Christmas just made it very special. To be a small part of that experience is such a blessing. We couldn't be happier to help make those wishes come true."

Christmas morning, Adams delivered a black and white kitten to the Kinder family.

Ella Kinder had wanted a cat for years, and her parents wanted to make sure she was ready for the responsibility.

"She fell in love with Maverick. She seemed perfect. Calm for the family," said Julia Kinder, Ella's mother. "I was surprised when the lady at the humane society said they do Christmas Day deliveries which is amazing."

All pets are delivered with a bag of treats and some toys for the family to play with their new four-legged friend.

WCAC offered all pets for $25 in the month of December. They adopted out 140 pets through the month. 31 additional pets were in foster homes for the holidays.

"It's hard to put holiday magic into word, but we see it, we all want to cry. We're overwhelmed with emotion, to see the joy on the faces on the animals but actually to see where they're actually going. Not everyday do we get to see where their forever homes are. To see all of the love and excitement of where they're going to be for the rest of their lives is really special," said Adams.