Antioch Jets Have Their First Game In La Vergne

Posted at 4:55 PM, Sep 08, 2018

The future seemed grim for an Antioch youth football team after they were banned from using Metro facilities because of an incident that was out of their hands, but they now have a new home field where they were welcomed with open arms.

They just want to play.

"I ran the ball, and I broke two tackles," said Kaleil Peterson.

Peterson is just 6 years old. He is a running back for the Antioch Jets youth football team, but his team's dreams were almost cut short after shots rang out during a football game at Antioch High School back in August. One coach was injured, and the boys were not allowed to play at any Metro facility.

"For them not to have anywhere to play because of something that didn't involve them, it really hurt," said Quincy Mitchell, Athletic Director of the Antioch Jets Youth Football Team.

Mitchell said it took ten days to find a new field for the boys after he received a call from Brian Kemp.

"He tells me, 'I want to help,' and just hearing that he wants to help whether we know each other or not, we're going to go through the avenues and see what's there," said Mitchell.

"The Jets people were fighting the good fight to find a facility for their kids, and I told them I would take care of them and I wanted to help," said Kemp, of Youth Incorporated Camp.

Saturday, the boys had their first home game at Youth Incorporated Camp in La Vergne.

Victory requires hard work, and as long as the boys continue to play hard, the adults will continue to teach the boys that it takes a team to win.

The boys ended up switching leagues as a result of that incident. They now play in the Tennessee Youth Football League, leaving the Mid-State Youth Football League.