Can You Name That Trophy?

Posted at 5:07 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 21:10:00-04

The Predators are playing for their first ever Western Conference title in game six Monday night against the Ducks.

That means this trophy will be in the house.



Can you name it? Watch Predators fans take their stab at it above.

Named after legendary hockey commissioner Clarence S. Campbell, the Campbell Bowl has been awarded to the winner of the Western Conference (previously the Campbell Conference) since 1968.

But while the Stanley Cup is the most revered trophy in all of sports, the NHL's hardware for conference champions is often overlooked, even by players.

Hockey superstition suggests that if players handle the Campbell Bowl or, it's Eastern Conference contemporary, the Prince of Wales Trophy, that it will bring them bad luck in the Stanley Cup Final.

That's why you will often see the team captain of a conference champion posing at an awkward distance from these trophies, then quickly skating away as they turn their attention towards the 35-pound Cup they've had their sights set on all season.

So if the Predators bring home their first ever Western Conference Title in game six, don't be surprised if they keep their distance from the Campbell Bowl.

They'll be happy to place it in the trophy case, but their eyes are on an even bigger prize.