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Local Fans React To Firing Of Butch Jones

Posted at 10:37 PM, Nov 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-12 23:37:49-05

The University of Tennessee fired head football coach Butch Jones after a 50 to 17 loss to Mizzou. 

On Sunday, we stopped by Beyond the Edge Neighborhood Bar and Grill in East Nashville while the Tennessee Titans game was on to find out how UT fans were feeling. 

"Hey Butch Jones is looking for a job, take over for Marvin Lewis!" Brian Schalk said.

While one team's season has been bright, another's was dire.

"How many mattresses were burned in Knoxville when he was finally released?! I'm so happy that he's done!" Marcus Cooper said.

Cooper went to school in Knoxville. 

"It's been turbulent," Cooper said. "It's been up and down. Every game is like a heartbreaker. I'm living on the edge of my seat, rooting on my Vols to pull it out in the end."

While football fans watched the NFL on Sunday, the SEC was on their mind. 

"I still believe in the glory days," Cooper said. "I still believe we will be able to come back and retake our former glory. We just need the right direction, the right leader to help get us back there." 

But not everyone was happy the coach is gone.

University of Kentucky fans said they wished he would have stayed. 

"We don't like Butch Jones being fired because we beat Tennessee for the second time in 33 years, so we wish he'd stay their coach," Schalk said.

And now some fans have been anxious about the future of Tennessee football. 

"The SEC, it's a monster football-wise," Schalk said. "You win, you're happy, you lose, the fans get restless."