Fans Of All NFL Teams Find A Home In Nashville

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jan 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 00:08:20-05

New people move to Middle Tennessee every day, and with them, they bring allegiances to different NFL teams.

The Titans have been the favorite in Nashville and the surrounding areas, but those who have moved to Nashville from other areas have found groups of people that they can join to watch their favorite team. 

"My dad is a huge, diehard Steelers fan," Josh Wackler, a Nashville Steelers fan, said. "One of my earliest memories is sitting on the couch with him watching Steelers games." 

Wackler moved to Nashville about three years ago, and right away, he searched for a place where he could watch Steelers games with fellow fans. That's what led him to Piranha's in downtown Nashville. 

"They serve sandwiches like they do in Pittsburgh. They put the coleslaw and the fries on the sandwich instead of on the side," Wackler explained.

The owners of Piranha's are both Pittsburgh Steeler fans, so it was a natural fit for them to host viewing parties every game day of the season.

Other bars found success in hosting teams regardless of their allegiance before declaring their bar for a certain team. 

New England Patriots fans worked out a deal with Whiskey Rhythm Saloon to air the games every weekend, and what started as a group of just a few friends watching the game has turned into hundreds showing up to cheer on their team. 

"It's really incredible to see people connect over one team in a city that's so unique in itself," Justin Zolot, co-founder of the Nashville Patriots Fan Club, said. "People get so excited about finding a spot that they can call home while living 1,100 miles away from home." 

The Nashville Patriots Fan Club became the second largest official Patriots Fan Club in the country in the 2016 season, and they did it by not just watching the games with each other, but by making it a can't-miss experience for any New England fan. 

"When you come in here, it's like you're at home, at New England, in a bar in Boston," Matt Cote, co-founder of the Nashville Patriots Fan Club, explained. 

Other fan bases including the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Seattle Seahawks all have specific groups that watch the games together every week, making Nashville not just a town where people cheer on the Tennessee Titans, but a town where all football fans can find something to cheer about.