Titans' Kendall Wright Promises To Be On The Field Following Injury

Posted at 10:26 AM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 11:35:55-04

Kendall Wright returned to Titans practice Monday, but only for about an hour thanks to a hamstring injury.

The fifth-year wide receiver tweaked his ailing hamstring in a drill and was shut down for the rest of the practice, making it highly unlikely he will play in Thursday's preseason finale in Miami.

Wright said the injury wasn't serious and joked he only needs to run "one of each route to get the timing down" and be ready for the regular season.

Despite his assurances, it isn't that simple.

Wright has missed five weeks because of this hamstring injury and may only have a couple days of practice before taking the field for the regular season opener against the Vikings Sept. 11. That's not much time to get on the same page with Marcus Mariota in the passing game.

The Titans are counting on Wright to be their starting slot receiver and an impact player, especially on third downs like he was early in his career.

Yet, injuries are quickly becoming a concern. Wright had his least productive season as a pro last year, catching just 36 balls while playing only 10 games due to a knee injury.

Even if he returns healthy for the opener, many are wondering if the Titans can count on Wright to stay healthy.

Hamstrings are fickle things and Wright has now hurt his the last two times he's stepped on the field. There has to be some concern that he could tweak it again or never fully heal this season.

Wright has the potential to be a gamebreaker for the Titans, but he has to be in the game for that to happen.

He said he'll be on the field Sept. 11, but it begs the question of just how long will he last.