Watch "Titan Up" music video from Cowboy Troy and John Rich, featuring Eddie George

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Posted at 8:48 AM, Jan 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-22 09:49:58-05

(WTVF) — It's football, it's rap, it's country, it's's the debut of "Titan Up" from Cowboy Troy and John Rich, featuring Eddie George! Watch the full music video, which debuted on NewsChannel 5.

The full lyrics are below:

Titan Up!

Intensity with a rush of adrenaline, here we go now, locked in the win

Every down is like 4th and goal, well the team's in the way and they're paying the toll

Being crossed by the rush of a thundering herd, here come the Titans now spread the word

That ain't a lightning strike, that's a touchdown pass, They're busting through the line of scrimmage like glass.

Southern fried rage, coming at the cage, hittin’ like a bull, and it's hurtin’ for days.

Hitting at the heart of opposing teams, make them feel like they're waking up full of bad dreams.

Get him on the field, makin’ everybody work, now is that the Titans or is it thunder?

Pull it in until we got the juice, come on everybody cause it’s time to get loose.

Titan Up!

T – I – T – A – N – S – Oh yes, now they’re bringing the best.

If you pay close attention, it’s clear to me, ain’t nobody touch ‘em in the AFC.

Coach Vrabel he can be steady and stable, defense knock it down cause they’re willing and able.

Big Jeff and KB always setting the table, and if you thinking you can beat ‘em better read the warning label.

Julio Jones and AJ Brown they touchdown Tannehill connect to downtown.

King Henry rushing in pursue of the crown, other teams come to play can’t compete with the sound.

Because the fans they’re loud at the tailgate party, ain't leavin’ until the Titans lift the Lombardi.

Keep the party rockin’, and kickin’ like Chuck Norris, everybody here sing along with the chorus.

Titan Up