Woman Arrested By Officer Mumaw Thanks Him For His Service

Posted: 6:48 PM, Feb 06, 2017
Updated: 2018-02-02 06:53:19-05

A woman arrested by Officer Eric Mumaw for driving under the influence years ago said he helped inspire her to change. 

Officer Mumaw died after trying to save a woman who reportedly was contemplating suicide in the Cumberland River. 

A memorial service was held at Cornerstone Church in Madison for the Metro Nashville Police Department, government officials and community members to say goodbye. 

Zana Hembree was also in attendance and told NewsChannel 5 that Officer Mumaw showed her a great deal of compassion when she was taken into custody. 

"He unknowingly blessed me in that time when he was just doing his job. I felt his concern for my life when I clearly was not," Hembree said. 

In 2005, Hembree was traveling on the wrong side of Interstate 65 for approximately three miles, according to the affidavit. 

She struck another car carrying a family of three head-on in the early morning hours but luckily no one was injured. Hembree failed her field sobriety test and blew a .20% blood alcohol content.

"I remember sitting there spitting out all these broken glass into the back floorboard of the patrol car and was just in unbelief that I was alive," Hembree recalled. 

Despite what she committed, Hembree could clearly remember how Officer Mumaw interacted with her. It was that night when she realized she needed to change and move away from a lifestyle of rebellion. 

"I believe that God really orchestrated the whole thing even with Officer Mumaw being a part of it," Hembree added. "He was so kind to me and I didn't deserve kindness. If I had felt any judgement or criticism or belittling from him, it would've blemished what God was doing in my life."

Hembree admitted that she had lack of respect for authority prior to the arrest but it all changed after meeting Mumaw. 

Although it may have been a brief encounter, Mumaw unknowingly helped save Hembree from a crisi of her own.