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Things to Know Before Adopting a Cat

Posted at 11:59 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 14:05:35-05

Pam Johnson-Bennett talked about how to adopt a cat from an animal shelter, and the best ways to introduce your new pet into your home and family. To raise awareness for 'purrfectly impurrfect' cats and help them get adopted faster, there's a campaign from now until November 30 for cat lovers and cat shelters to nominate as many 'purrfectly impurrfect' cats as they would like on In addition to national recognition, the first 100 nominations will receive $100 worth of cat litter and three winning cats will be selected by Pam Johnson-Bennett and two other cat experts; the winning shelters will receive $10,000 each from ARM & HAMMER, plus counseling services from Pam. We hope cat lovers get excited and have fun using and #FelineGenerous #Contest to browse, share, adopt and nominate 'purrfectly impurrfect' cats. Even a small act of sharing one of the nominations on social media will make a difference.