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Man’s 20-Year-Old Cat Struggles With Steps, So He Built Him A Custom Elevator

Man’s 20-Year-Old Cat Struggles With Steps, So He Built Him A Custom Elevator
Posted at 8:10 AM, Dec 09, 2021

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Any veteran of the web knows that adorable cat clips are the foundation of all viral videos. From the classic Grumpy Cat to a recent one showing Jennifer Garner trying to give her cat a bath, with predictably disastrous results, kittens are still big business online.

One of the newest viral cat videos, with nearly 3 million views on YouTube in a matter of weeks, shows a dedicated cat owner building an elevator so his beloved old friend can safely sun himself by the pool. Actually, “dedicated” doesn’t do this guy justice.

Liam Thompson doesn’t even try to hide how much he loves Frodo, his 20-year-old cat. In fact, he makes a confession right in the video’s description.

“I like spoiling my cat. Sue me!” he proclaims proudly.


Thompson is a verified YouTuber with millions of followers who is well-known for his crazy construction projects and experiments. He’s done everything from building a roller coaster in his backyard to testing out what it’s like to sleep on cotton candy.

His cat has been the beneficiary of a few of his other inventions, as well. Thompson made Frodo a Roomba chariot and a train in the past, which you can watch in action below. But, this time, the New Zealander wanted to build something a little more practical for his aging pet.

“Despite his ancientness, he still insists on hobbling down these stairs every day to sit out in the sun,” Thompson explains in the video’s introduction.

His home’s back steps lead to a nice sunny spot by the pool and Thompson decided to make his senior cat’s life a little easier by creating an elevator to help him get to his favorite spot.

In the video, viewers watch as Thompson builds and then tests the cat elevator, first with a stuffed animal (for safety purposes, which is good because there was a bit of a potentially cat-astrophic glitch in the system) and then with the top cat!

“Are you ready to go downstairs without having to move a muscle,” Thompson asks Frodo as he puts him into the cart. “I hope so because it took me four days.”

Take a look at this ingenuity and see if Frodo liked his owner’s invention.

Talk about pampering your pets. But, we think any cat that lives until age 20 only deserves the best. Enjoy your sun time, Frodo!

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