Church Forced To Pay For New Fire Hydrant After Old One Is Stolen

Posted at 10:11 PM, Jul 12, 2015

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – The Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood has to come up with big bucks after two strange events on their property over the last couple weeks.

First, firefighters said someone broke their fire hydrant by running a car into it a few weeks back, but that's not all.

They said someone later came back and stole the broken fire hydrant.

Now the church said it has to pay $4,000 to get a new one, because the city of Brentwood told them the hydrant was on their property, on their side of the water line.

Church leaders said they'd rather spend the money on something else.

“We do a lot of charitable work, and $4,000 would certainly go a long way to provide for the community services we're involved in,” said Father Justin Raines, Associate Pastor.

Anyone with information on what may have happened to the hydrant was asked to call the Holy Family Catholic Church at 615-373-4696.