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How to rescan for antenna channels on your Panasonic TV

Posted at 1:32 PM, Oct 17, 2019

If you've just bought a new TV, or are rescanning to get NewsChannel 5, please follow the instructions below. Have a different brand of TV? Head to our antenna home and select the model of TV you own.

There are dozens of models of Panasonic TVs. The instructions below cover the most popular models, but may not work for all. Still need help?

Each TV manufacturer uses a different term to describe a rescan. Most Panasonic TV's call their rescan function "Program Channel"

TRY THESE FIRST. If you've been into your TV's settings before, these instructions should help you rescan your TV.

1. Press the Menu button on the remote
2. Highlight the "Setup" option and press "OK"
3. Highlight the "Program Channel" option and press 'OK"
4. In the Program Channel menu, Select "Antenna" in the "ANT In" box
5. Select "Auto" then press OK.

That's it. In a few minutes, the scan should complete!

Still need help? You can find additional support for your specific Panasonic TV model here.