Antenna Users: TODAY is rescan day

On October 18th, 2019, rescan your TV to keep NewsChannel 5.

What's happening? Due to FCC mandates, NewsChannel 5's free over-the-air antenna signal is undergoing a change. You'll need to rescan your TV to find the new signal.

What if I can't rescan until later? While today is the earliest you can rescan, you will be able to rescan any time after -- there's no deadline. You won't receive NewsChannel 5 programming, however, until you rescan.

What happens after I rescan? You'll be able to see NewsChannel 5 just like before. On most TV's, it will even stay at 5-1.

I watch NewsChannel 5 on cable or satellite. Does this impact me? Not at all. Your cable or satellite company will automatically update their signals, so there's nothing you need to do.

How do I rescan?

It's just a few clicks of your remote.

  • Go into your TV's menu, and look for the channels menu
  • Select "Channel Scan," "Auto-tune" or a similar function. (Different TV's have different names for the command)
  • Sit back and relax -- the scan should take just a few minutes.

I've rescanned, but I still don't have NewsChannel 5. What do I do? Click here for more information.

Need more specific rescan information? Check out the pages below for your brand of TV.