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5th Grade Math/Science Teacher Mrs. Leslie Yates

Posted at 1:50 PM, Sep 17, 2018

Why is this Gallatin classroom a construction zone? NewsChannel 5's Casie Mason answers that question and introduces us to Excellent Educator Mrs. Leslie Yates!

"She’s an awesome teacher! She’s the best. She is super fun, and is what makes our classroom fun," says student Mikalyla Agnos.

We are going under construction! It’s all to inspire students and make learning fun. We are going to meet Mrs. Yates here at Union STEM Elementary. 

"I’m Leslie Yates, I teach fifth grade in Gallatin, and today our classroom is under construction. 
We have set up stations where we can measure and record volume for different things, and just find out different ways that we can use volume for construction. We have safety vests, we have hard hats, and it’s because they need to feel the part."

"She’s kind, she’s generous, she’s caring. When you’re having trouble on science, math, or anything like that – she will help you out on it. She’s the best teacher to have in fifth grade," Caden Adams tell us.

"I love Mrs. Yates. She’s awesome and she’s like half of the fun in our classroom. We walked in, and the room looked totally different. We were like, oh my goodness, we are in a construction area! I heard that she was really nice and that she was a really good teacher, so I was excited to see who I got."

Mrs. Yates told us, "I just come here and I do it because I love it. I want them to leave fifth grade and say, 'Man! That was awesome. We learned a lot, I made good friends, and I learned to be kind to other people.' That’s the biggest thing."

Thank you Mrs. Yates for being our next Excellent Educator!