'Thank You For Watching Over Me:' Runaway Teen Leaves Handwritten Note

Posted: 8:11 PM, Jul 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-24 03:32:26Z
Runaway Teen Leaves Behind Handwritten Note
Runaway Teen Leaves Behind Handwritten Note

It's a parent's worst nightmare, but its all too real for an Antioch family. They say their son, 16-year-old Phenix Gleaves has run away from home, and all he left behind was a handwritten note.

Phenix's parents say their son left the note early Saturday morning before running away from home. The note reads: "thank you for watching over me," among other things.

His parents say they think a 19-year-old former classmate urged Phenix to run away to California with her.

Phenix's parents say the teen hasn't been responding to any texts or other messages.

"We want him to come home," said Rachel Gleaves, Phenix's mother.  "We love him, we'll go wherever he is to come get him, we don't care, we just want him home."

While police are investigating, they can't issue an AMBER alert in this case, because his parents say it appears Phenix left on his own, and is not in imminent danger.