Additional charges for jailed convicted felon

Posted at 7:49 AM, Nov 24, 2018

A man already in jail is charged with stealing from the grounds of a high school, church and keeping a stolen tools in his driveway.

Dustin Stanton, 36, was arrested November 13 by Metro Police

At the time, investigators said he was involved in two carjackings, burglaries and the ramming of a police car. They said he threw a gun on the ground as he tried to run away during the arrest.

Stanton is now charged with stealing $18,000 worth of power tools from a construction site at Hillsboro High School, using bolt cutters to rob Sedan On Demand on Grandview Avenue, stealing tools and a trailer from Forest Hills Baptist Church, and keeping a stolen car with tools from Coffee County in his driveway.

In total, there are 27 charges against Stanton.

Stanton is a convicted burglar and car thief. He received a six-year prison sentence in July 2016.