Ascend Amphitheater Noise Heard All The Way In Donelson

Posted: 4:11 PM, May 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-08 02:04:49Z
Ascend Amphitheater Concert Makes Serious Noise

The rock band, Beck, put on an entertaining show over the weekend at Ascend Amphitheater, but it was so loud that it prompted major complaints from neighbors in the area.

Sunday night's concert was heard by residents across Nashville. Most people who live in East Nashville and Donelson aren't happy about it.

As a result, the city is working on slapping down more regulations.

"I've never heard anything like it," said Jessica Metez.

Metez is visiting from Canada. She said they went to dinner in East Nashville and started walking toward the sound of the music. 

"It was absurd, like it seriously sounded like it was very close to us, but it was not. It was about an hour walk," Metez said.

She then noticed Beck playing at Ascend Amphitheater. Concert goers said it was awesome. 

"It was fun," Sarah Johnson said.

Johnson and her bulldog live in downtown Nashville. She said the sound from Ascend doesn't bother her nor her bulldog, Buster. 

"He doesn't mind! Not much bothers him," she said.

While Buster may not mind, apparently other constituents aren't too happy about it. Freddie O'Connell has been working with Brett Withers on finding a happy medium for their constituents.

"Last night I think kind of put a fine point on it. I heard from at least one of his constituents, that this was one of the worst that it's been in the entire run of shows at Ascend," O'Connell said.

The city plans on fixing the noise issue three ways. 

"One, Live Nation has agreed to start fining bands that exceed a certain decibel level, that's going to be in that agreement," O'Connell said.

Two, they've developed an email address for complaints. If you are concerned about the noise you can email 

"And then three, there is actually a new sound system that is going into place that I think they expect to mitigate a lot of the concerns going on so far," said O'Connel.

The new sound measuring system will be installed in the next couple of weeks. Live Nation will be in charge of making sure musicians abide by the rules. 

The Metro Parks Department issued this statement: 

"We are aware of the complaints concerning the sound during last night’s Beck Concert at Ascend.  We are in agreement with the residents of East Nashville that the music was too loud.  The complaints and comments have been forwarded to Live Nation. We have an agreement in place with Live Nation to not exceed certain sound limits.

Last night, there appears to still have been an issue with the volume and clarity of sound in certain segments of East Nashville and Donelson. We have ordered new sound monitoring equipment that we expect to be in place within the next few weeks that will help us effectively monitor and address this issue. We will be working closely with Live Nation to determine what additional steps we can take in the future to more quickly adjust and correct when there is an issue. 
Please feel free to reach out to us at  email address"