Circus Clowns Concerned Over Creepy Clown Sightings

Posted at 5:31 PM, Oct 14, 2016

Creepy clown sightings across the country have placed communities on edge, but the clowns that aren't creepy have placed them in a bad light.

Danny "Slapstick" Gentry said, "All clowns are good just the people are bad."

Gentry feels the negative reports are a shame.

Gentry said, "You can even turn Santa Clause into a devil if you want to." 

At 70-years-old he traded in a pistol for a prop.

Gentry said, "I spent 31 years with the police department and retired in 2000. I waited till retirement to become a Shriner because I know it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of hard work." 

He's part of a volunteer group with the Al Menah Shrine Circus.

They visit nursing homes and local hospitals when they're not at the circus.

Gentry said he's saddened by the creepy clown incidents.

Gentry said,  "They're sick, they're very sick." 

At the Shrine Circus this weekend he hopes no one will treat him differently.

Gentry said, "How could anybody be afraid of me?"

The Shrine Circus will be in town until Sunday at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Click here for more information on the circus.