Clarksville Police Continue To Search For Missing USPS Master Key

Posted at 5:53 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 21:22:30-04

Police continue to search for a stolen United States Postal Service master key and one of the three suspects still on the run.

Officials say Clarksville Montgomery county residents are still at risk of becoming victims but police are hoping someone knows where 29-year-old Katlin Paterson is hiding.

"They're going into these boxes and taking these checks, and they're trying to wash them rewrite their names on it. Or even trying to reproduce similar checks to the ones they've collected," said Det. Scott Beaubien, Clarksville Police Department.

After forging a check, the criminals are able to deposit it without even stepping into a bank. According to police, the suspects are taking pictures of the checks then depositing the stolen cash through their banking apps. 

Police have been on the look out for Paterson since the key went missing. Detectives think she is laying low and say she has quite a lengthy criminal history.

Paterson has several charges, including criminal impersonation, forgery, fraud, criminal impersonation and identity theft.

She's also been charged with methamphetamine drug related charges.

Paterson was just released from jail back in August, and now has three new warrants out for her arrest.

"I think she's laying low right now because she knows that she's wanted but it's just a matter of finding her," said Beaubien.

Police are asking anyone who knows where she may be hiding to give them a call. If you mailed a check to or from Clarksville, you are urged to continue to make sure your check made it to its proper destination.

"This is going to continue until she gets off the street and we get the key back," said Beaubien.

Police believe Paterson may be in a silver 2018 Nissan Rouge that was reported stolen from an Enterprise in Clarksville.