City, Community Leaders Respond To Video Of Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting

Posted at 3:27 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 23:24:27-04

Community and advocacy group leaders met with Mayor David Briley behind closed doors following the release of video showing a fatal officer-involved shooting. 

Since the meeting was not open to the public, the exact content being discussed is not available, but before going inside to talk with the mayor, one man said "we came here to raise some hell."

Obviously emotions are high since the D.A. released the surveillance video of the officer involved shooting today. 

Graphic Video: Daniel Hambrick Shot While Running Away

NewsChannel 5 does not normally publish videos of such a graphic nature. We have made an exception in this case because we feel that it is in the public interest.



Members of Justice for Jocques, Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship and Nashville's Black Lives Matter attended the meeting.

Acting Vice Mayor Sheri Weiner responded to the video with this full statement in which she says "We must seriously consider the need for new leadership at MNPD."

Weiner is the first city official to suggest MNPD Chief Steve Anderson should step down from his position.

Nashville Councilman Bob Mendes also voiced his concern, saying "At the highest levels, the city must examine whether policy choices are a contributing cause of these shootings. Read his full blog here.

State Representative Raumesh Akbari took to Twitter to express her frustration, saying "Shot in the back while running away! This is wrong, and anyone who sees this tape and doesn’t conclude the same thing is fooling themselves. This is an unjustifiable use of deadly force. Period."

Family Demands Officer Be Charged With Murder

FOP Responds To Video Of Officer-Involved Shooting

Members of the Metropolitan Minority Caucus released the following statement and held a press conference:

"Members of the Metropolitan Minority Caucus issued the following statement concerning the shooting death of Daniel Hambrick. The Nashville Davidson County Minority Caucus finds the homicide of Daniel Hambrick very disturbing. It is clear that Daniel Hambrick was not a threat to Officer Delke. The Minority Caucus sends its prayers and sympathy to the Hambrick family. The Minority Caucus demands that Officer Delke be placed on unpaid leave and have his gun and badge removed until the TBI completes its investigation. The Black members of the Caucus also support the creation of the Community Oversight Board. The Minority Caucus stands with the NAACP." 

Even before the video's release, the group Community Oversight Now demanded the creation of a community oversight board to better "police the police." The hope to have the issue on the November ballot.

Group Files Petition Calling For Community Oversight Board

Also, at today's press conference, Mayor Briley announced a plan with Metro Police to undergo a comprehensive plan of its policing strategies.