Corinthian Baptist Church asks for funding to fight COVID-19

Corinthian Baptist Church
Posted at 9:37 PM, Jan 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-22 07:11:55-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — North Nashville pastor. Rev. Enoch Fuzz is battling stage four lung cancer. Along with his diagnosis he’s also fighting to bring an end to the pandemic.

“If our politicians, if our government is serious about ending this pandemic you will have activities going on in the community that will stop it. And right now those are not available to people. People are calling me to say where can I get tested,” Fuzz said.

Two weeks ago, Corinthian Baptist Church opened its doors to provide free rapid tests. Since then the church has helped hundreds of people.

Amanda Crawley, the organizer leading the testing efforts, lost her husband to COVID-19. She said it took two days for him to receive his results which is why helping slow the spread of the pandemic is personal for her.

“I was desperate. I was desperate to help. So no one could feel like I felt. Take the fear of the people not knowing that when you go get tested waiting two days to get your results. That’s scary," Crawley said.

But Crawley said testing takes money. She said she can no longer manage the cost of buying supplies, hiring staff and training them on her own. She said she recently had to let some of her staff go because she couldn't afford to keep paying them.

“I need funding assistance. Everything that I’ve done here from today in the past I funded it. And I can’t do it anymore. I need help from the government,” Crawley said.

Fuzz said he’s been around long enough and knows who to ask for help.

“You can’t have your crops grow without fertilizer. So Mr. Mayor, city council, Mr. Governor please not just Black people, Hispanic people, but all the people need our government to help stop this,” Fuzz said.