Could High-Visibility Crosswalk Reduce Fatalities In Madison?

Posted: 10:11 PM, May 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-15 03:13:01Z

After the big-picture Nashville Transit Plan failed, Walk/Bike Nashville says they've got a better approach: they want to focus in on a hyper-local level, making dangerous roads for pedestrians safer, one street at a time.

The crosswalk across Nolensville Pike near Harding Place was one of the deadliest pedestrian intersections in Nashville. Now you can find center road traffic islands, and activated strobe lights help alert drivers to look out for the crossing --  a project completed with help from Walk/Bike Nashville, Metro Public Works and the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Now, the same group hopes a similar high-visibility crosswalk can go up at Gallatin Pike at Due West Avenue in Madison, where pedestrians face some of the same challenges they used to face on Nolensville Pike.

"The bus riders, it's simply ridiculously dangerous to cross the road," said Robert Johnson with Walk/Bike Nashville.  "It's a multi lane road, people are driving too fast, they're distracted and they should safely be able to get to the bus stops as far as we're concerned."

Walk/Bike Nashville, Metro Public Works and TDOT are all using data to figure out where the high visibility crosswalks can save the most lives