Crash Victim Looking For Good Samaritans Who Rescued Her

Posted: 7:21 PM, Jun 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-23 23:56:08-04

A 21-year-old is looking for the good Samaritans who came to her rescue during a car crash.

Brea Sands' life changed in an instant. She was on her way home from the gym when she hydroplaned and went down a ravine. Her SUV flipped several times and landed in a field.

"Just being in that situation, as the car was rolling down the hill, like I thought, 'Wow, I could really die right now,'" Sands said.

On Thursday morning, two guardian angels stopped on Benders Ferry Road to help. One man waved down help and called 911.

Photos: Crash Victim Looking For Good Samaritans

"Another guy came over, and I remember an axe being taken to the window, the front one, and then the sunroof was shattered and I was able to get out through my sunroof," Sands said.

When she told her rescuers she wasn't far from home, one of them went down the street to retrieve her mother and bring her to the scene.

"I was in the ambulance, and he offered to pray over me and my mom while we were both very hysterical," Sands said.

Sands escaped the crash with minor injuries.

"At that moment, I felt like God was truly watching over me that day," Sands said.

Now, she wants to find the good Samaritans who helped rescue her.

"I'm so thankful for the strangers that went out of their way to make sure that I was safe, that I was in good hands," Sands said.

Moving forward, she plans on being kind to strangers and going the extra mile to help other people in need.

"In that moment, when I was finally out of my car, I realized that that could have been my last moment," Sands said. "And I haven't really done a lot of the stuff that I've always wanted to do, so now I know to truly live every moment like it was my last." 

If you know the good Samaritans who helped Sands, she is asking that you reach out to her on Facebook

She hopes through telling her story, she will be able to find them and thank them in person.