Customer Concerned About Possible Parking Lot Scam

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A witness said she believes a couple pretended to fight as a ploy to steal cars from Good Samaritans who pull over to help them. 

She did not want to be identified by her name because she was so frightened by what she witnessed Friday morning. 

It started when she said a man and woman were fighting in a black four-door sedan with tinted windows. 

"She acted like she was getting the crap beat out of her… I mean she was screaming at the top of her lungs!" 

The witness said she called 911. Then, she watched a man try to intervene.

"He showed up and he keeps trying to open up the passenger-side door, and it keeps being slammed and he keeps trying to open it. I'm talking to police in the meantime, and I'm thinking, 'That's really strange.'"

Moments later, she said they get out of the car and get into a vehicle with the man who tried to stop. 

"They are kind of scuffling, pushing each other. All of a sudden, they walk towards the green car and they get in the back seat, and they drive off. I thought that's weird?"

After police arrived, she told them about what she originally thought was a "domestic situation" until she went inside the Lowe's Home Improvement store to go shopping.

"The gal in the key center said that that happens at least once a week. They're out there, they pretend like they're fighting, somebody will stop to help, and then they will steal from the person who stopped. Steal their car!" 

According to a Lowe's spokesperson, they have not been made aware of any carjackings or vehicle thefts in recent weeks. 

"I think it was a rouse. They were trying to get somebody over there to look like he was assaulting her in the car." 

This customer has been wanting people to know about what she witnessed. Just in case, her intuition proves to be right. 

"Don't go try and help them! I put it on Facebook. You cannot be a Good Samaritan today, just call the police." 

The captain on duty Saturday said police were not aware of the incident. It doesn't appear any reports have been made at this time.

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