Dad says mom in Joe Clyde case must come clean before divorce

Posted at 1:41 PM, Dec 02, 2019

DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WTVF) — The father of Joe Clyde Daniels says he won't agree to a divorce from the boy's mother unless she comes clean about what really happened to him.

Joseph and Krystal Daniels are locked up, awaiting trial next year in their 5-year-old son's April 2018 disappearance. In a letter to NewsChannel 5, Krystal indicated she would seek a divorce from Joseph. We've learned from a source close to the situation that he has refused to grant a divorce unless she "tells the truth" about what happened to Joe Clyde.

Joseph originally confessed to killing his son, but later recanted and accused his wife of killing him. Krystal, who is only charged with aggravated child neglect, hasn't changed her story.

And testimony at a hearing this fall could leave the mother with lesser charges. She told a TBI agent that she saw Joseph beating the boy and was unable to help.

"Did she say she was physically unable to get close to Joe Clyde because Joseph threatened her? Yes, in fact she claimed that Joseph Daniels assaulted her. She claimed he took a swing at her," said TBI agent Joey Boyd at a hearing in October. That testimony could have Krystal facing a charge of accessory after the fact, a much less serious charge.

If her charge is reduced, that could mean that her case would likely be severed from Joseph Daniels, who is charged with criminal homicide.

If that stands, it will be tough for prosecutors. So far the boy's body has not been found and prosecutors have yet to present any physical evidence