Dangerous stalking situation may be to blame for first Hendersonville homicide in two years

Hendersonville Double Homicide
Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 30, 2022

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — New details are emerging following a double homicide in Hendersonville. NewsChannel 5 spoke to several people, both on and off camera, who paint the picture of this being a dangerous stalking situation that ended in a truly tragic way.

"This is a neighborhood where people walk; we’ve got sidewalks everywhere, people bike," said Connie Harrison. She said she loves living in a close knit neighborhood. "You’re seeing them and you get to meet them and you get to know them."

That is, except on emotional days, like this one.

"I heard the sirens when I came out to get in the car — I looked, and I could see through the trees the red lights," said Harrison.

We're told Lloyd Martin came over to Laura Undis's house on Cavilier Drive. A person close to the situation who asked for anonymity tells us the two previously had a romantic relationship some time ago. Martin may have been stalking her because Undis had plans to marry someone else in the coming months.

When things escalated, Laura's next-door neighbor, Dee Dee Sheen, came out and tried to intervene. That's when Hendersonville Police say Martin took out a pistol and shot both women. We're told some neighbors saw the execution happen.

Undis and Sheen were taken to the hospital, but they didn't survive.

"So, for this to happen in this kind of neighborhood, it makes you, like — I have to move. But then I just immediately stopped and thought — who is this guy? He’s not from here. He doesn’t live here. Who is he?" asked Harrison.

The accused gunman Lloyd Martin is 72 years old and was actually restrained by another group of neighbors. Hendersonville Police are calling them Good Samaritans.

While this whole ordeal has shaken Connie deeply, she hopes to get through it with the help of good neighbors.

"That can happen anywhere; it can happen to anybody," said Harrison. "So, this is still a great neighborhood, and I would want everyone to know that."

Martin faces two counts of first-degree murder and one count of aggravated assault.

The investigation is still active, so if you have any information that might be useful, give Hendersonville Police a call at (615) 822-1111 or the Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at (615) 594-4113.

This is the first homicide case in Hendersonville in more than two years.