Dogs rescued from dumping ground need your help

Animals rescued from Henry County property
Posted at 4:17 PM, Aug 30, 2022

PARIS, Tenn. (WTVF) — Local animal rescues are helping a woman in Henry County because her property has turned into a dumping ground for unwanted animals.

Jenkins, Jelly, Junior, Jenny and Julian all have different personalities.

The puppies came out of their shells after they were rescued by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.

"This gal that had this whole situation was really just a product of a bad community, like, she was getting dumped on... the alternative was 'I’ll shoot 'em,’ or, 'I’ll stick them by the road,'" Big Fluffy Dog volunteer and foster Nicole Butler said.

Butler coordinated the rescue, and she called other non-profits to help with the farm animals.

"There was no running water, no electricity; everybody was outside, so it wasn’t an ideal situation for anybody to handle — let alone [with] those challenges thrown in," Butler said.

Now they're in need of more fosters because their shelter is slammed.

"But then beyond that, our space is so, so crowded right now, and we still have 20 on the property. She wants to keep six, and I want to get her to keep less than six," Butler said.

She hopes they can go back for the rest of the animals if fosters sign up. Anyone interested can go to Big Fluffy Dog's website to learn more about being a foster.

Ultimately, it would help the woman who lived on the property as well.

"She’s looking to move and rent a space with an actual house and running water and electricity," Butler said.

Nicole said a lot of rural areas don't have the resources or enough animal control officers to help. That's why fosters are crucial.

"I’ve got a girl that’s taking this one and Mr. Trouble, and she’s thinking about adopting him," Butler said.

The litter of puppies were sick at first, but they've bounced back.

Mother and puppies treated
Mother and puppies treated

Another bummer is adoptions have started to dwindle. There was a boom during the pandemic when people were home more.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is accepting donations to help with vet bills.