Family Reunited With Dog After Rescue Caught On Camera

Posted at 5:18 PM, Feb 26, 2018

A dog was pulled from rubble of its home that collapsed after a tornado ripped through a subdivision in Montgomery County.

On Monday, NewsChannel5's Alexandra Koehn caught up with Rocco the dog and his family who were happy to be reunited. 

As residents picked up the pieces after the EF-2 tornado destroyed several homes, Rocco's rescue was a hopeful memory still fresh in their minds. 

"There were so many people there that were just ripping through the debris helping us. We were all screaming his name. He wasn't whimpering or anything. There was no noise at all. He was trapped in that little wedge underneath - I believe it was the washer machine," Cammi Cerabone said.

Eventually Rocco was pulled out. The moment was captured live on TV by Sky5.

"Thank God. It was just so emotional," Cerabone said.

He was trapped for more than ten hours after the home was flattened.

"He was very very excited to see all of us and get out," Cerabone said.

Cammi lives in Nashville but said her mom and step-dad were home when it hit.

"I know the upstairs bath tub came down and hit my step-dad, when he was going over my mom to shelter her," she said.

Her step-dad was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung, but he is expected to be okay.

"You never expect that, everyone's a stranger and they run to you with open arms and it's like in that moment you just become a family and we're just so so thankful for that," Cerabone said.

On Monday, the steps of the home were all that were left. They lost everything but escaped with their lives, and of course, Rocco. 

"He's doing good. He has a few scratches. We're going to get him checked out by the veterinarian, but he's healthy. She's alive, She's very thankful, and blessed to have him back," she said.

Before Rocco was rescued, volunteers and first responders found the family's two other dogs "Zeus" and "Ralph" in the rubble. They also found their cat, "Boo." Fortunately, all of the pets survived.

The family needs to find a new home to rent so they're in need of donations at this time. Anyone who'd like to help can donate here.