Flash Flooding Causes Damage In Cheatham County

Posted at 8:11 PM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 21:31:56-04

Flash flooding in Cheatham County caused damage to property and businesses on two major rivers.

On Sycamore Creek near where it enters the Cumberland River, a pontoon boat and its dock came lose from the shore, smashed into several other docks before plowing into the side of a bridge on Chapmansboro Road. In video captured by Justin Shrum, the dock and pontoon boat were pulled under the bridge by the rushing waters. Residents who live nearby said the waters were at least five to seven feet higher than normal.

A short time after the first bridge crash, another dock that was jarred loose by flood waters slammed into the bridge and was trapped for about an hour before it became free and continued to drift down Sycamore Creek.

Across the county near Kingston Springs, Foggy Bottom Canoe and Kayak Rental was partially underwater. Six of the vans there were in the water. It's unclear if they've sustained any permanent damage.

"Some of them, we tried to start them, so I don't know if that fried them," said Mason Rodriguez, who works there.

Rodriguez and another many were in the water near Dog Creek, which had flooded considerably, trying to retrieve canoes and kayaks that had drifted off as the storm waters rose towards the business.

"We were getting all of the loose boats that got to deep. There's a drop off back there and the water's about 15 feet deep. So, we had to canoe out there and get all of the last boats," He said.

Cheatham County Emergency Management officials said they expect the water levels to drop there slowly until sometime over the weekend.