Flat screen televisions illegally dumped under Nashville bridge could be hazardous

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jun 03, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Toxins could be leaking into the environment at a so-called 'TV Graveyard.' Now, advocates are in the process of cleaning up the dumping site as they work to crack down on electronic waste.

Connor Causey said it's a growing problem in Nashville that is also bad for the environment.

"There are still small amounts of lead and mercury still in the TV's," Causey said.

The 'TV Graveyard' is located under the Jubilee Bridge by 18th Avenue North.

"It looks like they were dumped in the woods initially, and people drug them out over time checking them out, trying to see which ones were working and what not, and there's also a possibility it could have been a contractor," said Causey.

He wants to warn people about the dangers of dumping e-waste.

Causey said, "Part of the reason I started NERRD is I noticed there was a deficiency in recycling options available for electronics in Nashville, specifically things like televisions, especially flat screens."

NERRD stands for Nashville Electronics Recycling Refurbishing and Decommissioning.As part of his job, Causey tries to fix, recycle, and properly dispose e-waste.

In his free time, he and som friends from Nashville Office Solutions clean up dumping grounds in the area.

Causey said, "So far, I have pulled 14 TV's out of there, I didn't have enough time to pull the rest, but I will be back there tomorrow."

As he focuses on this issue, he hopes people will stop doing it. It could be a potential hazard to the community if toxins leak into the ground.

Causey said, "There's lot of recyclers who would have picked them up for free, or even pay you to pick them up."

If you have TV's or computers at your home and need to recycle them, Metro Nashville has several free drop off locations including Omohundro, Ezell Pike Center, and East Center.

In addition to NERRD, Causey said there's Green Earth Recyclers in East Nashville as well as All Star Recyclers off Craighead Street.