Franklin Teen's Quick Actions Save Father's Life

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 23:46:12-04

With six kids you could say the Grayson's have a lot of love to go around.

And keeping everyone in line: 16-year-old Edith.

"Don't break the net!" she said to two of her siblings on their new trampoline.

"Her mother and I know whenever Edith's around and Edith's taking charge, everyone's gonna be okay," said her dad, Robbie Grayson.

In fact, just a week ago Edith saved her father's life. He had an asthma attack: his worst one ever.

"I thought this is it, this is over," he said, "as soon as I came in here I sneezed at least a couple dozen times I remember it was just crazy. And when I was done sneezing I couldn't breathe."

It was just after 3 in the morning. And the noise awoke Edith.

"The last thing I remember is her saying upstairs "911??" And that's all I remember until two days later," Robbie said.

When Edith came downstairs, it was chaos.

"Ellen, my little sister, is freaking out and my mom is freaking out," she recalled.

With a quick dial to 911, she took action.

"I put her (the dispatcher) on speaker phone. I checked for his pulse he didn't have a pulse. So I tried to open his airway and then I started chest compressions," Edith said.

It's something she learned just a week earlier in JROTC. They learned about CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and dealing with wounds.

Franklin High school named her a super cadet for putting those lessons to work in a real-life situation.

And when she did, her father started breathing again. Although he did not regain consciousness. 

"One of the nurses said if I hadn't gotten to him he would have passed (away)," Edith said.

After a couple days in the hospital, Robbie is fully recovered. But it may be a while before this dad hears the end of it from Edith.

"She's like 'so dad am I off restriction, can I do this can I do that since I saved your life?'" he said with a laugh.

And the entire Grayson family is grateful a very scary situation ended with everyone okay.

"The most traumatic thing I think was seeing my dad in his underwear," said Edith, laughing.