'God is with me.' Rev. Enoch Fuzz, battling stage four cancer, returns to Corinthian Baptist Church

Rev. Enoch Fuzz returns
Posted at 4:47 PM, Sep 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-05 18:44:20-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Sunday marked the return of an admired North Nashville pastor. Rev. Enoch Fuzz was welcomed back at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church after a stage four lung cancer diagnosis.

Doctors discovered Rev. Fuzz's cancer in May 2020. He has been mostly absent from Corinthian MBC during his battle.

"He did a great job with his sermon," said Barbara Beloch, the youngest sister of Rev. Fuzz.

Since his diagnosis, Beloch has been driving every weekend from Memphis to help her brother. The church community has greatly assisted the pastor during the weekdays.

"I was here last Friday. I came Friday and I stayed until Tuesday. He was up early in the morning and he's walking out with his Bible and I'm like where are you going? 'I'm going to preach to the birds' and I'm like OK," Beloch said with a laugh. "He's been preparing for it... coming back to the pulpit."

Rev. Fuzz discussed his battle with lung cancer in his sermon on Sunday.

"I've been real sick," said Rev. Fuzz. "It's no fun being sick. At all. Especially with this cancer. That is terrible. Amen. But God is with me."

Throughout his cancer fight, the pastor has continued to put the community first, raising money for the food pharmacy at Nashville General Hospital.

Rev. Fuzz preached about the historic floods in Tennessee in August, the wildfires out west, Hurricane Ida and the pandemic. He asked churchgoers to remain hopeful.

"Trouble causes us to challenge our faith in God, but you've got to have faith in God. If you have faith in God... I've learned faith obligates God to you to do just what he promises you he would do for you," Rev. Fuzz said.

The pastor's sister said he wants to be at church services going forward.

"I call him Hezekiah because God gave him 15 years, and I said he's going to give you 15 years plus some. Don't worry about that. He's not ready for you. You got a lot of work to do... He's a walking miracle and I'm so thankful for him, thankful for God for keeping him," Beloch said.

The church is planning a party at Elliston Place Soda Shop on September 25 for Reverend Fuzz's 66th birthday.

The church posted a link to Rev. Fuzz's sermon on its Facebook page.