Injured TSU Player's Family Speaks At Vanderbilt

Posted at 1:27 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 23:13:17-04

The family of Christion Abercrombie, the sophomore Tennessee State University linebacker who was injured during a game, will hold a news conference at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

His family and medical staff will spoke at a press conference Wednesday.

His mother and father, Staci and Derrick Abercrombie, said their son is still in critical condition but they are hopeful and are "trusting in God for a miracle."

The Tigers player collapsed on the sideline before the end of the second quarter of Saturday’s game after an injury. He was rushed to Vanderbilt and was listed in critical condition. 

Doctors and family did not go into detail about Abercrombie's injury, but said it was a rare injury. Head injuries are common in football players, but Derrick said she didn't notice anything out of the norm prior to the incident.

"We don't know when it exactly happened, but he had no real banger hit. It was something no one could see on film. It's just something that happened. Football is still football. We love the sport. Accidents do happen." 

Even though his condition is heartbreaking, Staci and Derrick were able to laugh while discussing his responses to his favorite music.

"He loves 'Let It Rain Bishop' Paul More and I kept playing it and kept playing it, and he would rub my nails as he heard different songs; so those are the positive signs we are seeing," Staci said.

But as she finished the sentence, Derrick said, "As a 20-year-old he also loves rap too." The crowd and family laughed.

Staci laughed saying "Yeah he does and we didn't download any rap right now. We're gonna save the rap for the party."

A GoFundMe was set up Monday afternoon with a goal of $250,000. The football team sent out this tweet about its GoFundMe:

"Here is the only NCAA approved GoFundMe set up to assist with the support of Christion Abercrombie & his family. Per @NCAA legislation, Tennessee St is the only entity permitted to solicit funds for the student-athlete & his family."  

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