Jazz show opens in Printer's Alley proving Nashville's not just country

Posted at 9:15 AM, Mar 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-28 10:23:48-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Frank Sinatra-inspired show "Frankly Dez" opened as a resident show at the Dream Hotel's speakeasy in Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville, proving Music City is more than country music.

"The goal was always to just add another flavor to the beautiful thing that's happening in downtown Nashville. And we just wanted we didn't see enough of this flavor. So we just wanted to bring in this beautiful music and offer it to people who maybe want to try something different on a Thursday night," explained headline vocalist Dez Duron.

Duron was in the Top 8 on The Voice in 2012 and has been front-lining shows across the U.S. ever since.

He explained the Nashville show's title, "We're doing original songs. We're doing songs that I love from different eras, songs we all love from different eras. So it's definitely centered around and inspired by Frank Sinatra, 'Frankly', and then bringing in the modern with 'Dez.'"

Dez Duron started singing the jazz genre at 17-years-old, made the Top 8 on The Voice in 2012, traveled the U.S. singing at venues, and opened his resident show in Nashville in Spring 2022.

"When I think Sinatra I think not just the music, I think the scene," explained Duron on his decision to open his show in Nashville. "So you think speakeasy you think 'cool' and I think the Dream [Hotel] is all those things coming right off Printers Alley. It's even kind of like a speakeasy if you come in through that entrance. So I just thought it met all the criteria of what we wanted this show to be."

Duron was introduced to Sinatra-style music at 17 or 18 years old.

"I got into music because my parents were pastors, so I had no choice but to sing. But, I got into this style–actually, the first song I heard in this style was 'Feeling Good' by Michael Buble. I thought it was the coolest song I'd ever heard in my life. And of course, it introduced me to some of my favorite singers in the world and my favorite genre of music so, super grateful," he said.

Duron's band includes award-winning musicians such as Garth Justice, Boh Cooper and Gary Lunn.

"I feel so lucky to get to play in front of these guys every night. We have guys that play for Reba, Dolly, the music director for David Foster, anybody you can name in this town they have played for him. And they're legends," beamed Duron.

Dez Duron showcases the best of Frank Sinatra in his show, Frankly Dez, at Dirty Little Secret in Printer's Alley in Downtown Nashville, while also singing some of his own originals.

"Sinatra represents so much he's inspired me just his grit, his fight, his ability to tell a story and be honest. He was always honest about his loneliness, about his faults about the way he did things about doing things his way," explained Duron. "I find that so inspiring, and I want to kind of give that same inspiration to other people. When I go up there, it's a very intimate space. We're all in there together. And we can all just kind of let our hair down and relax and have an hour and a half together, enjoying great music and being ourselves."

Tickets for Duron's show are available on Thursdays in April and May.

"This show in particular so much fun for me. I have so much fun up there the entire time. I feel no pressure. I love this music. I love this space. I love my band. I feel so taken care of by them. And so yeah, I'm living the dream," he said.

Resident show, 'Frankly Dez,' featuring The Voice finalist Dez Duron brings Sinatra to Music City every Thursday at Dirty Little Secret speakeasy in Printer's Alley.