Bone Fragments Found In Search For Joe Clyde Daniels Identified As Animal Bones

Posted at 3:28 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 17:36:04-04

Bones and bone fragments have been found in the search for a missing 5-year-old Dickson County boy. However, they were identified as animal bones.

Timeline: Disappearance Of 5-Year-Old Joe Clyde Daniels

Some of the bone fragments were found during the massive search effort in Dickson County this past Saturday.

Of more significance, a much larger bone was discovered Tuesday in Garners Creek, less than a quarter mile from Joe Clyde's home. Some wonder if it’s possible that there's only skeletal remains left of the boy. He's been missing for seven weeks. Experts said it's possible. However, they were later identified as animal bones.

The Dickson County Sheriff said Saturday it's hard to know the condition of the child's body. 

"It depends on the variables that we have. How he's exposed? If he is buried we know that would preserve somewhat.  But we are still dealing with the decomposition," said Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe.  

Detectives have sent all of the bones to the medical examiner to determine if they are human and if so, to do DNA testing. 

Two experts who have seen photos of the larger bone found in the creek said it could be a child's tibia. 

However, on Wednesday, the Dickson County Sheriff said an anthropologist said the bone was identified as an animal bone.

He also found an adult work shirt and a plastic bag. All have been sent off for testing.  

Authorities should know before the end of the week if there is any link to the Joe Clyde Daniels case.

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