Joe Clyde's Parents To Appear In Court

Search Continues For 5-Year-Old's Body

CHARLOTTE, Tenn. - The latest search for a Dickson County boy allegedly killed by his father ended just hours before the couple is due in court.

Search and rescue teams said they will not give up on finding Joe Clyde Daniels.

"I think that we'll never stop looking," Dave Rader said.

Over the weekend, dozens of law enforcement experts looked for Little Joe near Tennessee City.

"We kind of went in and around the 3.5 mile around the house too, we expanded it. I think the last check that we had was about 20 miles," Rader said.

Saturday night K-9 officers thought they found something, but it ended up being a false call.

"I'm very surprised," Rader said. "I mean I just don't understand how one or two people know what a thousand can't find. It's very frustrating."

While crews searched in treacherous conditions, Joseph and Krystal Daniels have been sitting in their jail cells.

Dutch Bryant is organizing a silent protest for the couple's court hearing Monday. 

"It is kind of the same silence that parents have given us as well. So we're kind of meeting that same thing," Bryant said.

Monday's demonstration will be different than the first one.

"Most people are even talking about taping their mouth shut and writing things like his initials or things of that nature," Bryant said.

From the woods to the courthouse, people from all over the country are fighting for justice for Little Joe.

"Because really we have the confession that the father gave, but we don't even know the horrendous way that he may have went," Bryant said. "We don't know how or what condition his body was when it was dumped." 

Joe Clyde's father reportedly admitted to beating his son to death and dumping the body in a remote area, but so far, the little boy's body has not been found.

Demonstrators plan on meeting at the Dickson County Courthouse at 8 a.m. Monday.

The Daniels are scheduled to be in court after 9 a.m.

We'll bring you the latest developments in the case both on air and here online with Monday’s court appearance for Joseph and Krystal Daniels.

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