Kavanaugh: Tennessee Senators React To Confirmation

Posted: 5:31 PM, Oct 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-06 22:31:30Z
Kavanaugh: Tennessee Senators React To Confirmation

Following Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, Tennessee lawmakers are reacting to the vote. 

Speaking before the vote, Sen. Bob Corker said that he was “confident” in his vote and thanked Sen. Susan Collins  (R-ME) for her “historic” speech on the Senate floor on Friday.  

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Corker went on to say that he spoke with Kavanaugh before the vote and that he seemed upbeat. 

“It’s a big day, it’s a great day for our nation,” Corker said. 

Sen. Lamar Alexander said he voted to confirm Kavanaugh because of “his 26 years of distinguished public service and his reputation as a superior jurist, lawyer and teacher.” 

Alexander went on to say that it would be “fundamentally unfair and a dangerous precedent not to confirm him because of an uncorroborated alleged sexual assault from 36 years ago.” 

The confirmation marks a major victory for President Donald Trump, who will soon be able to take credit for appointing two conservative justices to the Supreme Court during his relatively brief time in office. 

*CNN contributed to this report.