85-Year-Old Followed Home From Kroger, Robbed Of Purse

Posted at 7:07 PM, Aug 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-06 23:33:29-04

An 85-year-old lady and her friend were followed home from Kroger and robbed in their Glenncliff neighborhood.

Neighbors said they believe it's the same suspects that robbed a Hermitage couple a few weeks ago.

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"In their own drive way, they're a target, and that, it makes no sense," said Jo Franke. "But they don't care about what's happening to their victims. They just care about getting a quick grab, a quick access to somebody's personal information." 

Franke said the suspects followed her neighbor home from the Kroger that's located at Thompson Lane and Briley Parkway Tuesday morning.

"Now they're scared, now they have to go through the whole rigmarole of recovering from having vital information and money stolen from them," Franke said.

Franke said there was a driver and passenger. They pulled into her driveway, and one suspect got out and ran across the yard.

"They parked here, jumped out, and went and did what they had to do to be jerks and took off with her purse," Franke said. 

The victim was too terrified to talk on camera.

She told NewsChannel 5's Alexandra Koehn that she couldn't see her phone to call 911.

"She's getting ready to undergo eye surgery, and one of the items that was in her purse is a pair of heavy magnifying glasses for her to use until her eye surgery has been done in a month's time," Franke said.

A couple weeks ago, the same thing happened at a Hermitage Kroger.

A white 4-door sedan with a spoiler followed an elderly couple home and robbed them at gunpoint in Wilson County. That suspect took the victim's purse as well. 

"I went and showed my neighbor the picture of the car, and she said, 'That's the car,'" Franke said. "I showed it to my brother-in-law, and he said, 'That's the same white car, I'm pretty sure.'"

While authorities have been working to catch the bad guys, they're urging elderly people to be careful.

"It's distressing, and it's disgusting, and it really, really is wrong," Franke said. "I want other elderly couples out there to just be aware of their surroundings." 

On Friday, Don Aaron with the Metro Nashville Police Department said no one has been taken into custody.

The Wilson County Sheriff's Department has been looking into whether the cases are connected.