New Changes Coming For Tenn. Driver's Licenses

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 30, 2015

It's a change that affects millions of drivers across the state: you'll soon be able to keep your driver’s license longer before having to renew it.

Those at the Tennessee Division of Driver Services said hopefully it means shorter lines the next time you have to get your license renewed, and fewer trips dealing with the Drivers Services division altogether.

Right now, you can get a driver’s license for as many as five years, but starting January 4 you'll be able to get a license for up to eight years.

The state legislature proposed the change.

The cost of an eight-year license will be $28, which is less per year than the current cost of a five-year license.

Driver Services said expiration changes will also affect ID cards, and you will also be able to go longer without having to get a new picture taken: under the new changes you'll get a new picture every 16 years.

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