Push To Make Green Hills More Walkable

Posted at 10:26 PM, Dec 19, 2015

On the last weekend before Christmas, malls across the Mid-State have been packed with people, and their cars, but some Mid-State groups have been hoping to change that.

The groups TURBO Nashville and the Alliance for Green Hills have been trying to promote the idea of putting more walkable areas around the Green Hills area, especially around the mall, including a promenade that would connect directly to the mall.

As it has been, the groups said people will drive from store to store, even if they're only a tenth of a mile away because there's no safe place to walk.

“It’s so easy to walk to these places if we do a little more work on sidewalks and parking arrangements and those kinds of things,” said Ed Cole with the Alliance for Green Hills.

Those with the TURBO Nashville group said one of their plans to create more pedestrian walkways around the Green Hills area would only remove ten parking spaces.