Timeline: Investigation Into Jocques Clemmons' Death

Posted at 11:38 AM, May 11, 2017

Jocques Scott Clemmons, age 31, was shot and killed by Officer Josh Lippert around 1 p.m. on February 10 at the James A. Cayce Homes following a traffic stop and alleged altercation. Here's a detailed timeline of events since his death, from the investigation to community involvement.

Friday, February 10:

  • Clemmons was shot and killed by Officer Lippert. (Read more)

Monday, February 13:

  • Police were searching for a witness in the shooting death of Clemmons. (Read more)
  • NAACP called for a transparent investigation after the fatal shooting. (Read more)
  • Local pastors spoke with Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson to discuss the investigation. (Read more)

Tuesday, February 14:

  • Police said new video showed no initial contact between Officer Lippert and Clemmons. (Read more)
  • Lengthy disciplinary report released on Officer Lippert in the investigation. (Read more)
  • Protesters held a “Justice for Jocques” march. (Read more)
  • ACLU-TN officials released a statement on Clemmons’ death. (Read more)

Thursday, February 16:

  • The TBI took over the investigation into Clemmons’ death. (Read more)
  • An activist group claimed Clemmons was “murdered” by police. (Read more)
  • Candlelight vigil held for Clemmons. (Read more)
  • Cellphone video and radio transmissions released in the shooting that led to Clemmons’ death. (Read more)
  • FOP responded to the shooting. (Read more)

Friday, February 17:

  • Faith leaders called for a citizens oversight commission after Clemmons’ death. (Read more)

Saturday, February 18:

  • Funeral service held for Jocques Clemmons. (Read more)

Tuesday, February 21:

  • Protesters from a “Justice for Jocques” rally and march brought a Metro Nashville Council meeting to a standstill. (Read more)

Wednesday, February 22:

  • Agents with the TBI said they were seeking the identity of the passenger who was in Clemmons’ car just before his death. (Read more)

Thursday, March 2:

  • “Justice for Jocques” group met with city leaders again. (Read more)

Monday, March 6:

  • TBI agents announced they had identified and spoken with the passenger that had been in Clemmons’ car at the time of the traffic stop. (Read more)

Tuesday, March 7:

  • Metro Council approved a resolution asking for police body cameras. (Read more)
  • Metro Police Chief Anderson reacted to a report that accused the department of racial profiling during traffic stops. (Read more)

Wednesday, March 8:

  • Local pastors and activists expressed distrust in the Metro Nashville Police Department. (Read more)

Saturday, March 18:

  • Citizens held a community policing meeting in North Nashville to discuss how they can become involved. Body cameras were also discussed again. There was a huge push for the cameras following Clemmons’ death. (Read more)

Thursday, March 30:

  • Emails pointed to a disagreement between the TBI and the Metro Nashville Police Department in the investigation into Clemmons’ death. (Read more here and here)

Friday, April 7:

  • Mayor Megan Barry’s office clarified the TBI will handle the investigations of all officer-involved fatalities in Nashville in the future. (Read more)

Saturday, April 8:

  • Nashville NAACP called for a citizens review board for police accountability. (Read more)

Wednesday, April 12:

  • The TBI wrapped up its investigation into Clemmons’ death. (Read more)

Tuesday, April 18:

  • NAACP addressed concerns regarding Clemmons’ death. (Read more)

Monday, April 24:

  • Community members called for a community oversight board again more than two months after Clemmons’ death. (Read more)

Monday, May 8:

  • TBI agents and the district attorney filed a petition to request that Clemmons’ death investigation be made public. (Read more)

Tuesday, May 9:

  • A judge said more information was needed before releasing a decision on the petition to make Clemmons’ case public. (Read more)

Thursday, May 11:

  • Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department stated in a report that they found Officer Lippert justified in his actions. They recommended he be exonerated. (Read more)
  • District Attorney expected to release findings from TBI investigation. (Read more)